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XMWX Satellite Weather

The freedom to explore in the air, out to sea, and on the ground.

Maximizing Satellite Data Delivery

For 2 decades, Baron weather data has been transmitted over SiriusXM satellites as part of the XMWX Satellite Weather service.  Delivering live, high quality weather data to locations that other terrestrial delivery methods can’t reach, the XMWX data service keeps you safe in the air, on the water, and on the ground.  The service offers a variety of continuously delivered weather information designed to promote weather safety and confidence.

  • Current conditions
  • High Resolution Radar
  • Lightning
  • Satellite (Clouds)
  • Forecast/Warnings
  • Winds Aloft
  • Turbulence
  • Icing
  • TFR'S
  • Sea State Conditions (Wave/Winds)
  • Buoy Data
  • Sea Surface Temperatures
  • Visibility
  • Tropical Forecasts
  • FishBytes

Aviation Satellite Weather

Cockpit weather solutions designed to keep pilots weather-aware before, during, and after every flight. As the data provider for XMWX Satellite Weather, we provide tens of thousands of pilots nationwide with critical weather intelligence in the cockpit.

Identify hazardous weather conditions with data delivered directly to your avionics display, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Using a satellite receiver and one of the in-cockpit devices supporting the service you have access to real-time weather continuously delivered.

Baron’s Mobile Link connects to the WxWorx Data Receiver through built-in Wi-Fi, making the valuable XMWX weather data available with the tap of a screen on your tablet.

Small Propeller  plane

Check here for the most recent data packages, a list of manufacturers supporting the service and subscription information.

With Baron data you can fly with confidence.

Marine Satellite Weather

Mariners know that waves and wind can result in an unpleasant day on the water. For over 15 years, Baron has provided Marine weather data to workboats, sport fishermen, and pleasure boaters through the XMWX Satellite Weather marine service.

We offer a full complement of marine weather observations, current conditions, forecasts, wave height, speed, and direction along with tropical storm information. Baron marine data keeps you safe.

If you’re in the shipping business, review our other maritime products and services. We know that staying on schedule is key to success for shipping organizations. That means you need current and forecasted information at the right time and in the right way.

Check here for the most recent data packages and a list of manufacturers supporting the service.

Popular with Emergency Responders

Storm chasers, Emergency Managers, and other emergency response organizations all rely on real-time, weather for preparedness and response even when traditional communication channels are not available. The very popular Mobile Threat Net product utilizes Baron weather data delivered over the satellite. Monitor hazardous weather in your operations center and in the field using Baron weather.

Check here for the most recent data packages and a list of manufacturers supporting the service.

Weather Information When You Need it Most

If you’re looking for a weather solution delivered via other methods get in touch. Baron has an expansive catalog of high-quality, highly accurate weather information just waiting to be explored. We look forward to talking with you to solve your weather challenges.

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Get Baron and WxWorx Equipment

Baron offers receivers and accessories to take advantage of the XM WX Satellite Weather Service.

The popular Mobile Link and WxWorx receiver can be found at the WxWorx Store.

Are you ready to prepare a dynamic weather presentation, protect your communities, improve safety and efficiences, or increase revenue?